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Independence innan FX Independence

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A few years ago I made up an experimental working jig for a pcp with a built in pump. This is not new for me as I developed a similar set up using Titan Mohawk components when I was a partner in that business. Because of my associations with BSA I made this working jig using a Scorpion as a base. All of the BSA model range use the Scorpion as a base since the S10 went out of production so this would have fitted in with production if the idea was accepted. The original jig was aimed at overseas markets and was therefore high powered with a 23" barrel. There is another pump up pcp on the market that works at high pressure and uses a complex and expensive to make multi-stage pump. By using a low working pressure multi-stage pumps are not required. Even the long export version I mentioned earlier worked at a low maximum of 1400psi and produced 5 shots at around 24-25 ft/lbs depending on the pellet used. I have been busy with development work building up my design "bank" and decided to revisit the pump pcp but as a 12 ft/lbs lighter, shorter rifle than the high power version. I reduced the barrel length to 18", the air reservoir and the maximum working pressure but kept a shot count of at least 5 equal before pumping is required to top up. This version works at 1000 psi maximum and so is very easy to pump. It actually gives six shots with a single figure spread at 11.6 ft/lbs. If all six shots are fired it then requires eight easy pumps to top up. Topping up can be at any point in the cycle. There is a pressure relief valve fitted to limit the maximum pressure and it is also a shot indicator. This is a variation and upgrade of the one I used on the Spitfire. It is exceptionally quiet to shoot, there being little in the way of muzzle blast due to a couple of factors. You may say why? I always try to use these working jigs in such a way as to get the maximum knowledge out of them. In this case it was used as a test bed for a variety of developments that transfer over to high pressure "normal" pcps and CO2 guns. The self regulating valving is of particular interest for me. I have to stop myself at that point otherwise I will give too much away! I doubt anything will come of a 12 ft/lbs pump pcp but the base it has provided for some other little developments has been very useful. They will come onto the market in existing air rifles. I wont be working with BSA under their current management so dont look there! Like · · Share

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Kul, men fanns inte en 90tals tanke från Axelsson med, och en prototyp iaf?

Annars en Webley Paradigm på temat, 90tal och sedär en pil.
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